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Product Monday: Filament LEDs by OSRAM

With a long and thin shape, Osram Opto Semiconductors’ Soleriq L 38 provides the basis for filament-style lamps and match incandescent lamps in terms of appearance and emission characteristics. Soleriq LEDs deliver a uniform appearance in terms of color and can serve as a high-quality light source that is ideal for aesthetic lighting applications in […]

Konnerth on Channels and Complexity

By Ted Konnerth, Egret Consulting Group There’s a lot of buzz about disintermediation lately and most of it is directed towards Lighting. And there is a very good reason why Lighting takes the brunt of it…. It’s the most complex electrical product vertical. I’ve often said that Lighting is the only product that has 300M […]

CSA Group Opens New State-of-the-Art Laboratory in Seattle, Washington

CSA Group, a provider of testing and certification services and a standards development organization, recently announced it opened a new state-of-the-art laboratory in Seattle, offering testing and product development services for commercial and residential lighting and optical products. The new laboratory is 17,600 square feet specializing in the testing of lighting products including energy efficiency […]

Brodrick on White-Tunable LED Luminaires

Republication of Postings from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solid-State Lighting Program by Jim Brodrick, SSL Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy The advent of SSL has already brought substantial change to the lighting industry, and one recent development that’s especially intriguing is color-tunable luminaires — that is, luminaires that can change their spectral […]

Eaton Launches The Lighting reSOURCE Online Informational Hub

Eaton recently announced the launch of The Lighting reSOURCE, an online hub providing lighting industry professionals with information, news and original content designed to inspire and educate. The site features educational content including energy and LED tool kits, incentive maps, energy savings calculators and original content about lighting industry trends, regulations and innovations, in addition […]

Product Monday: High-Bay Luminaires by Hubbell

Hubbell Industrial Lighting has added three new LED products to its popular HBL and KHL high-bay lines: a high output HBL highbay (HBLHO), a flood light version of the HBL (HBL Flood) and a flood light version of the Kemlux III highbay (KHL Flood). With light output of up to 21,000 lumens, Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s […]

OLED at the Cusp

This article is my contribution to the November 2015 issue of tED Magazine, published by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED). Reprinted with permission. As LED lighting transforms the lighting industry, another solid-state lighting technology continues to make strides and offer dramatic possibilities as a complementary source. This technology is the organic LED, or […]

IES Publishes 2015 Edition of Fundamentals of Lighting

The Illuminating Engineering Society has updated “Fundamentals of Lighting,” its core knowledge course, with a brand-spanking new 2015 edition. Previously seven modules, the course includes expanded material totaling 10 modules, and also includes new technical and design updates. Click here to learn more and purchase.

LUX on GE’s Transformation

LUX has an interesting article about GE’s strategy of transforming its lighting business from focusing on lamp sales to regarding luminaires as a part of an intelligent package offering a broad range of capabilities, not just light. Interesting take; read it here.

Maintenance and LED Lighting

Colorado Lighting’s Norma Frank, CLMC’s contribution to the October issue of LD+A makes the case of maintaining LED lighting. (I’m proud to say Colorado Lighting is one of my clients.) LED luminaires are not “install and forget” devices, Frank argues. While they don’t require the same level of maintenance as conventional lighting, they must be […]