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Product Monday: Linear Lighting System by JESCO

JESCO’s DL-FLEX-HD and DL-FLEX-CTA are architectural-grade, low-wattage, dimmable, flexible linear LED lighting systems. DL-FLEX-HD offers “high LED density” comprised of 66 LEDs/410 lumens per foot with uniform, tight beam patterns eliminating typical light “dots.” DL-FLEX-CTA provides users the ability to select specific white color temperatures, from 2400K to 7000K, using a radio frequency remote or […]

LUX on Top 10 Trends in Workplace Lighting

LUX recently posted an article identifying the top 10 trends transforming workplace lighting: 1. Retrofits 2. Controls 3. From T5 to LED 4. The end of the louver 5. New working patterns 6. Personal control 7. Wellbeing and productivity 8. Monitoring 9. Li-Fi 10. Internet of Things Retrofit, controls, LED, different shielding (due to LED […]

Evaluating LED Luminaire Reliability

A brief article I wrote for tED Magazine. Reprinted with permission. While LED promises long service life as one of its primary advantages, accurately projecting lifetime remains a challenge. The Next Generation Industry Alliance’s (NGIL) LED System Reliability Consortium (LSRC) recently updated a key report, LED Luminaire Lifetime: Recommendations for Testing and Reporting, to shed […]


Recently read an interesting article about LED lighting in ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. Early on, a quote from Kevin Willmorth: “LEDs bring a global rethink,” said Kevin Willmorth, owner of Lumenique LLC, a lighting product development and consultant firm in Germantown, Wis. “They introduce us to a new era of lighting as an appliance. But this new […]

Another Novel Lighting Technology: Nanowires

BizLED recently published an interesting story about a solid-state lighting technology that could become efficient enough to take on the LED: nanowires. I’ve theorized that given LED’s efficiency and performance, it may well be the last major light source for the foreseeable future. There will continue to be a great deal of innovation for many […]

Product Monday: Lumark Night Falcon Floodlight by Eaton

The Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight Luminaire by Eaton is designed to replace up to 400W metal halide products in general area, building façade, wall wash and large sign lighting applications in commercial and industrial exterior environments. The luminaire is available in two lumen packages including nominal 9,400 lumens (85W) to replace 250W metal halide […]

Great Primer on LED Lighting

Magnitude Lighting Converters sent us a link to a page on their website that includes a terrific and lengthy infographic describing how LED lighting works, concluding with detail about the difference between constant current and constant voltage operation. Check it out here.

HID Lamp Indexes Decline During First Quarter 2015

NEMA’s shipment indexes for high intensity discharge (HID) lamps continued to decline at the start of 2015. Sodium vapor lamp shipments fell 11.5% on a seasonally adjusted basis compared to the same period last year. Shipments of mercury vapor lamps retreated by 18.4% year-over-year (y/y). Although the index for metal halide lamps registered a modest […]

NEMA Issues Position Paper on LED Flicker

Yesterday, LightNOW published a guest blog post by Jim Brodrick, DOE’s SSL Program Manager, on a new IEEE recommended practice on LED flicker. As metrics, IEEE uses % flicker, operating frequency and flicker index. A graphic is provided that plots % flicker relative to the light source’s operating frequency. Color shading reveals safe and low-risk […]

Brodrick on New Recommended Practice for LED Flicker

Republication of Postings from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solid-State Lighting Program by Jim Brodrick, SSL Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy The emergence of high-frequency electronic ballasts for use with fluorescent lighting did away with most general-illumination flicker concerns back in the 1990s. That is, until the advent of LEDs, which have put […]