GE Lighting announced three finalists in its 28th annual international GE Edison Award competition today from the GE Lighting Institute, a teaching facility at the heart of GE Lighting’s Nela Park world headquarters in East Cleveland, Ohio. This year’s finalists represent lighting design innovations across corporate, retail and non-profit sectors, showcasing the importance of lighting in a variety of spaces.

The GE Edison Award competition is open internationally to lighting professionals who creatively employ significant use of GE light sources in a lighting design project completed during the previous year. The finalists for the 28th annual GE Edison Award include:

ThyssenKrupp Quarter in Essen, Germany
Lighting Design Firm: Licht Kunst Licht AG, Bonn, Germany

The corporate offices of ThyssenKrupp, a global materials and technology group, feature modern architecture brought to life by its progressive lighting plan. In the 11-story atrium, GE 35W and 70W ConstantColor CMH G12 4000K lamps provide crisp directional illumination on the ground level. Linear LEDs are integrated into the handrails of the atrium bridges, while dining areas, conference rooms and other public spaces feature combinations of ceramic metal halide, T5 fluorescent, halogen and LED solutions.

Science Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago in Chicago, Illinois
Lighting Design Firm: Focus Lighting, New York, New York

Science Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is a dramatic and interactive environment where guests of all ages can explore the physics of light and the science behind powerful natural phenomena. This 26,000-square-foot permanent exhibition showcases 50 large-scale exhibits and experiments. Lighting designers collaborated on the content and design of the exhibits on the science of light in addition to their lighting design responsibilities for all exhibits, two classrooms and the overall exhibition space. Most exhibits are illuminated with GE 150W Constant Color CMH G12 3000K lamps in framing spotlights located in five slots in the 60-foot ceiling. Blue LEDs and gelled T8 fluorescent lamps illuminate the surrounding perimeter surfaces.

David Yurman Townhouse in New York, New York
Lighting Design Firm: Cooley Monato Studio, New York, New York

A landmark 1871 townhouse on Madison Avenue was transformed into the flagship store of premier jewelry designer, David Yurman. The lighting design enhances the dramatic interplay between expansive height and more intimate spaces and highlights the rich textured materials. Throughout the store, GE T8 Watt-Miser and T5 3000K lamps provide a soft glow within concealed coves. Custom fixtures, designed to recess in the slatted wood ceiling, are fitted with GE 20W Constant Color CMH® GU6.5 3000K lamps. These fixtures highlight floor display cases and provide low-level circulation lighting. Within the display cases, fluorescent fixtures provide fill light in the back of each case, while LEDs at the front offer added sparkle.

All finalists will be invited to an awards ceremony held Monday, May 16, 2011, in Philadelphia, the evening before the start of LightFair International. During the May 2011 ceremony, designers who have been designated as winners of Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit, the Award for Excellence in Environmental Design and the Award for Residential Design will be recognized with personalized plaques acknowledging their lighting design achievements. The identity of the 28th annual GE Edison Award Winner will remain confidential until announced at the awards ceremony. The winner will receive a personalized Steuben crystal trophy and continued publicity throughout the following year. A distinctive plaque will also be presented to the owner of the winning installation.