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Audi Gen 2 OLED Taillights Warn Other Drivers Of Road Hazards

Audi Gen 2 OLED Taillights Warn Other Drivers Of Road Hazards


Audi announced that its 2024 Q6 e-tron will be the first model to include its second generation digital OLED taillights. The new taillights communicate warning symbols to other drivers, including accidents and breakdowns by displaying a specific static rear light signature with integrated warning symbols and the regular rear light graphic in critical road situations.

The new taillights are comprised of six OLED panels containing a total of 360 segments, that can be individually controlled. The new taillights have eight pre-configured digital light signatures, and also allow customers to customize light signatures using the myAudi app. Customers are also able to buy digital light signatures after purchasing their car.

The 360-segment OLED panels generate a new image every ten milliseconds using a specially developed algorithm. This algorithm lets the active digital light signature display constant movement. The individual light segments interact so that the light signature’s overall image does not vary in luminous intensity. Surface light sources do not require additional reflectors, light guides, or optics, making them very efficient, while also providing homogeneity and very high contrast.

The second gen OLED taillights are produced by OLEDWorks. A short video demonstrating the second gen Audi OLED digital taillight capabilities can be viewed here



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