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TALQ Consortium Announces Smart City Protocol Version 2.5.0

TALQ Consortium Announces Smart City Protocol Version 2.5.0


The TALQ Consortium, which developed the Smart City Protocol, a global OpenAPI interface standard for smart city device networks, has published version 2.5.0 of the protocol. Version 2.5.0 introduces a new Lighting Asset Management profile, which addresses a long-standing demand from cities to be able to manage and track their street lighting assets more effectively.

To track and manage city lighting assets more effectively, TALQ Consortium members defined a new profile. This profile includes a new entity, the TALQ Type, and a related service for managing it. The TALQ Type is designed to manage data common to many devices, while a newly added concept of asset functions enables data specific to a particular device to be managed. Both Type and asset functions have been created to model the street lighting assets like luminaires, drivers, controllers, and brackets in the ODN (Outdoor Device Network) and in the CMS (Central Management Software) of a city.

By investing in any TALQ-certified smart city application, cities can avoid vendor lock in. They can rely on data interoperability when monitoring and controlling devices in heterogeneous smart city ecosystems.

The latest TALQ protocol (both data model and API definitions) is available publicly and free of charge on GitHub.

Image: TALQ Consortium


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