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ENERGY STAR Released Recessed Downlights V1.0 Draft Spec


Energy Star logo ENERGY STAR Released Recessed Downlights V1.0 Draft Spec

I wrote about ENERGY STAR’s plan to sunset the Luminaire and Lamp programs here, in late March. Part of that plan was to create a new ENERGY STAR recessed downlight specification because recent DOE general service lamp (GSL) regulations excluded recessed downlights and downlight retrofit kits. On March 23rd, ENERGY STAR released their first draft of the new recessed downlight specification.

The recessed downlight spec is intended to replace the Luminaires Version 2.2 specification (V2.2; the “existing specification”) for recessed downlights and recessed downlight retrofit kits. In large part, ENERGY STAR simply used the existing Luminaires spec requirements, however, with a few notable exceptions:

  • Scope: proposing downlights and retrofit kits with apertures less than or equal to 10 inches.
  • Efficacy: proposing a 90 lumens per watt minimum.
  • Power factor: proposing greater than or equal to 0.7.
  • Test Methods: proposing the latest ANSI/IES TM-21 Calculator. Also proposing to add 2200K and 2500K nominal CCTs, and that switchable and color-tunable products be tested at the highest power consumption setting

The comment period on this draft ended April 21, 2023. EPA plans to complete this process and release a final Recessed Downlight V1.0 specification in 2023. After its release date, until the end of 2023, partners will be able to certify new models to either Luminaires V2.2 or Recessed Downlights V1.0. Consistent with the Luminaires V2.2 sunset timeline, after December 31, 2023, new recessed downlight and recessed downlight retrofit kit models must be certified to Recessed Downlights V1.0. Additionally, upon finalization of Recessed Downlights V1.0, EPA’s intent is that currently certified models that meet the new requirements may be certified to the new specification without additional testing.

Recessed downlights and recessed downlight retrofit kits certified to Luminaires V2.2 specification will be considered ENERGY STAR certified until December 31, 2024. For recessed downlight products that will not be recertified to the new specification, brand owners are encouraged to remove ENERGY STAR references on websites and materials as they are updated or reprinted to ensure compliance by December 31, 2024.

The full draft V1.0 Specification document is available here.

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David Shiller
David Shiller is the Publisher of LightNOW, and President of Lighting Solution Development, a North American consulting firm providing business development services to advanced lighting manufacturers. The ALA awarded David the Pillar of the Industry Award. David has co-chaired ALA’s Engineering Committee since 2010. David established MaxLite’s OEM component sales into a multi-million dollar division. He invented GU24 lamps while leading ENERGY STAR lighting programs for the US EPA. David has been published in leading lighting publications, including LD+A, enLIGHTenment Magazine, LEDs Magazine, and more.


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