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Product Monday: Projecting Fire & Water

Projection of water image on a wall from Rosco projector.

Another fun find at LEDucation was a set of LED projectors with dual gobos that spin in opposite directions, creating the effects of moving water and moving fire. The company is Rosco.

The X-Effects LED Projectors can achieve a variety of different lighting effects by changing gobos or adding color into either the Static Gobo/Filter position or into the two rotating Dynamic Effects Glass positions.

The X-Effects LED Projectors feature onboard controls for the projector’s output, as well as the speed and direction of both Effects Glass Gobos. The projectors can also be controlled via DMX and are RDM compatible. The X-Effects LED Projectors are passively cooled, enabling them to operate without noisy fans. Four available lenses give the versatility to project onto surfaces near or far.

You can see a video of the moving fire and water effects here.

More information is available here.




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