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2023 Commercial Lighting Rebate Trends

charts describing rebates for retro fit lamps + tubes as well as for fixtures


2023 is generally looking to be a good year for commercial lighting rebates, according to BrightSwitch. Here are the top trends that they see for 2023:

  • Over 3/4 of the US has a commercial lighting rebate program. No dramatic change here.
  • The most dramatic change is for rebates on general service lamps, such as A-19 and PARs. The DOE “Backstop” regulation of 45 lumens per watt will eliminate nearly all incandescent and halogen lamps around July of this year. This is the last chance for utility rebate programs to claim energy savings on these general service lamps. For this reason, this is the only product category to see a significant increase in prescriptive rebates. The 2023 national average rebate for these lamps has climbed 71% over last year, to $7.66 per lamp. Most will only rebate projects completed in the first half of 2023 before the new DOE regs are fully in effect. Many GSL rebates will be discontinued starting in July.
  • Rebate amounts stay relatively flat across all other categories. No big changes. This can be seen in the graphs above and chart below of average rebates by product category.
  • Programs are getting harder to use. Programs are shifting to online portals that require more data entry and have resulted in less support staff to help applicants who have questions. Many of the portals are glitchy and slow.

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