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Product Monday: The Sunne Solar-Powered Lamp

Sunne Solar Light hanging in window

Image: Sunne

A Dutch company, Sunne, designed the Sunne Lamp. Sunne is a self-powered solar light that captures, stores, and produces light indoors without the need for an external plug.

By day, it harvests energy from sunlight while hanging in the window and stores it in its integrated battery. As evening falls, it starts to glow, powered by the sun.

With a full battery, Sunne can glow for 14 hours. So with normal use (3 hours each evening), the battery charge level only drops a little each evening and can get topped up with solar energy the next day.

The lamp has three settings that celebrate the natural daily cycle of the sun: Sunne Rise, Sunne Set, and Sunne Light. Switch between these gradient hues by pressing the button on the lamp, or using the mobile APP.

More information is available here.


Images: Sunne


Images: Sunne


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