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Product Monday: NanoLambda Ultra Compact Bluetooth Spectroradiometer

The XL-500 Meter by NanoLambda is an ultra-compact, wearable, wireless battery-operated Spectral Power Distribution or Spectroradiometer (SPD) measurement tool. It uses Bluetooth to upload data and has an internal memory to store over 8,000 measurements on a single battery charge. It captures 340-1,010 nanometer wavelengths in a single reading.

Image: NanoLambda

The device is groundbreaking in its small size and convenience and has applications in:

  • circadian lighting,
  • horticultural lighting (model XL-500A recommended),
  • livestock lighting,
  • research,
  • smart buildings, and
  • film and broadcast lighting

The spectroradiometer was awarded the 2021 SPIE Prism Award in the Smart Sensing category. The same year, it was recognized with inclusion in the IES Progress Report.

The XL-500A has an extra diffuser to measure strong sunlight, or powerful LED grow lights. The two products’ data sheets can be downloaded here: XL500 and XL500A. NanoLambda products can be purchased online, here.

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