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China Cancels Entry Restrictions Under New 0+3 Policy

China has canceled its harsh entry restrictions that were part of its Zero Covid policy. The new policy is called the “0+3” policy. Mainland China is expected to be fully open to entry on January 9, the start


date of the new “0+3” policy. Overseas visitors to China will only need to quarantine for 3 days, and will no longer need to be quarantined in a hotel.

Airports in many Chinese cities have announced the cancellation of nucleic acid tests upon landing. They will no longer be checking passengers’ negative nucleic acid test certificates. With the cancellation of entry restrictions, airlines have announced that they will be increasing flight frequency, and international airfares to China are decreasing. Airfare prices are expected to return to pre-epidemic levels in the near future.

While nothing has been officially announced, Bloomberg is reporting on big changes that are expected to take effect as of January 2023. Those considering travel to China may want to review the recent New York Times article outlining the current state of the country’s medical system and Covid infection rates in the pertinent regions.


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