The IES has published an update to its recommended practice for people in outdoor environments: ANSI/IES RP-43-22, Recommended Practice: Lighting Exterior Applications.

Image: IES

This document provides pedestrian-oriented illumination recommendations for the reassurance, safety, comfort, amenity, and enjoyment of people in outdoor environments. This RP takes a comprehensive approach and makes recommendations based on lighting zone, glare avoidance, spectrum, and other visually influential conditions. Application of these recommendations will ultimately enhance the visual experience for people, while also respecting the environment.


1.0 Introduction and Scope

2.0 General Information for Outdoor Pedestrian Applications

3.0 Considerations for Pedestrian Vision

4.0 Lighting Design for People in Outdoor Environments

The new ANSI/IES RP-43-22 can be purchased from IES here.