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IES Approves Seven Standards


The IES announced the publication of seven recently approved standards:

  • ANSI/IES RP-1-22 Recommended Practice: Lighting Office Spaces. Includes New content for Home Office Lighting
  • ANSI/IES RP-27.1-22 Recommended Practice: Risk Group Classification and Minimization of Photobiological Hazards from Ultraviolet Lamps and Lamp Systems. New Standard which provides metrics to minimize risk exposures to ultraviolet (UV) “light”.
  • ANSI/IES RP-6-22 Recommended Practice: Lighting Sports and Recreational Areas. Includes new content for Broadcast lighting for sports areas, pickleball courts, and more.
  • ANSI/IES RP-29-22 Recommended Practice: Lighting for Hospital and Healthcare Facilities. Includes new content about patient & facility controls, MRI rooms, decontamination methods, and telemedicine lighting.
  • ANSI/IES LM-93-22 Approved Method: Optical and Electrical Measurements of Far UV-C Excimer Sources. A new optical/electrical testing method for “far UV-C (200nm-230nm) light sources for potential disinfection applications, lower photobiological risk, and less ozone generation.
  • ANSI/IES RP-38-22 Recommended Practice: Lighting Performance for Small to Medium Sized Videoconference Rooms. Re-affirmation of RP-38-17.
  • IES G-1-22 Guide for Security Lighting for People, Property, and Critical Infrastructure. Re-affirmation of G-1-16.

All seven standards will soon be available at the IES Webstore and Lighting Library .


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