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Novel Approaches To Fitness Center Lighting

I recently read two separate case studies about Fitness Center lighting and was struck by how different the two approaches were:

Image: Axis Lighting

Evolve Strength in Canada

This gym’s focus was acoustic lighting to solve acoustic challenges. Fitness centers present architects and designers with unique problems: large and open areas with few walls, tall ceilings, and often exposed ductwork—none of which is conducive to sound absorption. If noise is ignored, it can be unpleasant, which could contribute to members not coming back. Hypertension, impaired cognition, and general lack of concentration are all results of a poor acoustic environment.

Lighting is generally out of the direct visual field in fitness centers. However, it is perfectly positioned to help control acoustics. By looking for solutions that combine lighting with acoustic panels, architects and designers now have unparalleled design flexibility. Easily installed, acoustic lighting absorbs vibrations and sound, greatly reduces ambient noise, and creates a more pleasant experience, particularly in fitness centers with high ceilings and hard materials from which sounds reverberate.

Lighting can be used for wayfinding, to provide direction, and symbolize stopping points, such as at a reception area. Light fixtures can catch the eye and draw visitors. For example, by hanging geometric lighting above a reception area, visitors are informed that this is a place to which they should be attracted.

Evolve Strength installed a 41’ x 46’ system over the reception and welcome area and the café and lounge space. The acoustic lighting system serves as wayfinding, directing guests into the facility. A hexagon shape was chosen to complement the wellness and health center.

Everlast Gyms in the United Kingdom

Everlast Gyms in the UK is using a centralized system to control lighting in all 69 locations. The design uses soft, functional lights for a minimalist design. Suspended linear luminaires create geometric shapes such as chevrons, lines, and squares that help distinguish different areas, which Everlast refers to as “innovative zones.”

The gym chain is controlling each location from a central dashboard using Signify’s Interact networked control system. The cloud-based platform collects data from all light points via a connected lighting infrastructure and is displayed on a centralized dashboard. This enables comparison, monitoring, and management of lighting across multiple locations to improve efficiency.

The Evolve Strength case study is available here.

The Everlast Gyms case study is available here.

Image: Axis Lighting


Image: Signify


Image: Signify


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