The Technical Committee TC2-80 of the CIE has prepared a new technical report on the spectroradiometric measurement of optical radiation sources. The document, published as CIE 250:2022, supersedes the almost 40-year-old report CIE 063-1984.

It explains the basic measurement principles and provides practical instructions for the measurement of irradiance, radiation density, radiation intensity and radiant flux, including instrument calibration. In addition, the report describes in detail the physical effects relevant to spectroradiometric measurements, and in particular the estimation of measurement uncertainties. The measurement uncertainties occurring in every measurement quantitatively determine the accuracy of the calibration chain for traceable measured values.

The new technical report is for optical radiation sources in the wavelength range 200–2500 nm. The report offers a comprehensive insight into the relevant terminology and the fundamentals of calibration of spectroradiometric measuring instruments. It is a practical guide to the identification, understanding and quantification of the relevant components of measurement uncertainty and can be purchased in the CIE online shop: .