At LightFair, last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Bishop, VP of Sales, at Sourcery, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sourcery is a lighting design project collaboration software platform created by lighting designers for lighting specifiers, reps, and manufacturers. It is a social collaborative platform for design industry professionals to seamlessly collaborate with one another when specifying and procuring products in every phase of a project. It makes the process of selecting and procuring products for commercial construction easier and more efficient.

Sourcery was not created by software people, it was created by and for lighting specifiers:

  • To use modern cloud computing tools to create a single point of truth, for a project, with all information in one spot.
  • To be the birthplace of the digital twin.
  • To simplify product selection by maintaining libraries and custom collections of products to create curated categorized lists, assign to projects, and generate luminaire schedules in a few clicks.
  • To collaborate through a live luminaire schedule that improves the process of specifying lighting products and collaboration during design.
  • To enhance transparency through a project management companion, to make the procurement process transparent throughout all stages of design, budgeting, bidding and construction.
  • To provide a direct connection to products and sourcing new manufacturers.
  • To provide the project specifier full control over who has access to specific documents, schedules, libraries, pricing, and other important information.

More information about Sourcery is available here.