An interesting article in argues that there are six large paradigm shifts changing
the built environment.  The six major drivers of change are:

  1. Technological
  2. Financial
  3. Biological
  4. Climate
  5. Globalization
  6. Demographics

While the article discusses the impacts of each paradigm on commercial buildings (without addressing lighting), it’s interesting to imaging how the same six mega-trends could impact lighting. For example:

  1. Technological – Nanotech coatings to add new features to luminaire housings and light sources, AI in smart lighting, IoT lighting, 3D printed luminaires, display projectors in luminaires, and much more.
  2. Financial – The explosive growth of server farms and the specialized lighting that goes into them.
  3. Biological – The rapid growth in UV disinfection lighting to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Other light & health areas, such as circadian lighting, and future light therapies for depression, migraines, and other common health problems.
  4. Climate – The growth in resilient lighting that can withstand natural & manmade disasters. This includes the recent publication of ANSI/IES LP-13-21 Introduction to Resilient Lighting Systems.
  5. Globalization – Current supply chain disruptions could accelerate re-shoring. The war in Ukraine is impacting the cost of metals and some other commodities. Could worsening relations between the US and China disrupt the lighting industry’s nearly complete reliance on Chinese manufacturing? Trump era tariffs got lighting manufactures looking seriously at Mexico, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and other alternatives to Chinese sourcing.
  6. Demographics – Lighting for aging populations. Light & health (again). Further growth in the health care industry and all of the varied lighting applications specific to healthcare. Accelerated growth in e-commerce for lighting, to younger generations.

Read the full article here.