WAC’s STRUT is a smart lighting, power, and control system, with lighting elements designed for high performance. STRUT is intended for retail, restaurant, commercial office, or residential lighting, without custom lead times. The system offers Direct, Indirect, Wall Wash, Downlights, Spotlights, and Pendants, on a 48VDC smart track.

STRUT is a solution for open office designs and other community spaces, the smart system incorporates combination vacancy/photo sensors to maximize daylight harvesting and reduce energy consumption, during the day.

At night, STRUT can give each occupant control over their own task lighting with SILO adjustable pendants, while integrating illumination of pathways and common areas with layered lighting.

STRUT is fully customizable and can adapt to changing design decisions. Components ship within a week. Construction delays and change orders can be avoided with the modular power system enabling lighting elements to be easily modified on site.

STRUT is technology agnostic, with interfaces available for 0-10V, DMX, or TRIAC protocols. It is commissioned through the wireless app, and can then be integrated with a variety of control systems that clients are already using.

The system is setup and online using the WAC app for iOS or Android. It enables limited permissions to various users to control certain elements. Basic functions, like on/off/dim, Grouping and Scheduling can be performed by anyone with a simple, intuitive user interface. Changes to fixture grouping or actions are automatically recognized by control systems that are integrated with the Connected Power Unit.

More information is available here.