The fast growing EV charging market and the lighting world are starting to collide. StressCrete Group, manufacturers of spun concrete poles and light fixtures operating across North America, announced today the launch of their new product, the VoltLock. The VoltLock is a concealed Level II Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station built into StressCrete’s popular Alexander pole. It provides a discrete and convenient way for EV owners to charge their cars. As the charging station is encased in the concrete pole, it has even more protection against tampering, helping consumers access a consistent and reliable EV charging source for their cars, while saving cities and communities on maintenance costs each year. The VoltLock is designed with communities in mind and is compatible with various EVSE suppliers to meet consumers’ specific needs. FLO, a leading North American EV charging network operator and supplier of smart charging solutions, has been chosen by StressCrete Group as the inaugural charging equipment supplier for the VoltLock.

The VoltLock Concealed Level II EVSE Pole benefits include:

  • Cavities within the base of the pole conceal the electric vehicle supply equipment, providing a safe, tamper-resistant solution.
  • Offers a clean aesthetic that blends into the streetscape as all wires and equipment are concealed within the pole.
  • Faster and easier installation as the charging station utilizes existing streetlighting infrastructure, saving communities both time and resources.
  • The FLO Level II EVSE is a charging option that is compatible for all EV owners, no matter the make or model.
  • Convenient charging option for neighborhoods with street parking as the only parking option.
  • Designed to combine with FLO SmartTWO charging station, which contains an industry-leading, patented locking mechanism to protect the connector and store it safely off the ground.

After significant development and testing, the VoltLock EVSE is now available throughout North America. More information about VoltLock can be found on the StressCrete Group website or by contacting StressCrete Group directly.