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The Critical Importance Of Proper Hospital Lighting

A study in the UK highlights the critical importance of proper hospital lighting, as well as other healthcare buildings. According to the study, patients who were served in a newly renovated hospital were able to be released a day and a half earlier than those who were served in the old buildings.

The role played by décor and lighting is often underrated. Most healthcare providers fail to understand that poor lighting provides an unpleasant environment.

  • Receptionists’ desks will also work more efficiently if the wall behind them has an eye-catching accent color, has a significant signpost, and is well lit. People with cognitive impairments and temporary disorientation find such landmarks very useful when accessing a complex environment.
  • Lighting for nursing and medical staff should enable hospital staff to make charts or read medical equipment anywhere in the building. The general recommendation for the illumination of nursing stations is about 150-300 lux lighting level
  • There are patients who may wish to sleep early. For such patients, high illumination levels will be a nuisance. This article recommends that a patient’s room has an illumination requirement of about 100 lux. On top of this general lighting, patients can also be given extra individual lights like bed headlights. The patients themselves can operate these individual lights.
  • Some healthcare spaces require proper examination of patients and the need for lighting that can provide even 1000 lux. This is where a portable examination lamp is a good solution. This portable lamp can be connected to bedside sockets.
  • Night lighting levels should anticipate nurses monitoring a ward, and patients needing to go to the restroom. 1 lux of lighting is recommended in the article.
  • Surgical areas, ICUs, and even access roads deserve special consideration.

The full article is here.


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