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New Research Proposes A Framework For Window View Quality Within Buildings

A team of researchers have recently published new research on window views from within buildings and have proposed a new framework for designing “view quality” for window views.  The team identified three critical factors in determining view quality.

  1. View Content – what’s seen through the window
  2. View Access – how much window view the occupant’s position has
  3. View Clarity – how clearly the view content can be seen

The research team propose an index for window view quality, along with design recommendations.  The full paper can be accessed here.  The paper was also published online by Leukos on 11/10/21.  The researchers are from:

  • The Center for the Built Environment, UC Berkeley
  • Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore
  • Loisos + Ubbelohde
  • California College of the Arts



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