The Design Lights Consortium (DLC) released LUNA Versions 1.0 Technical Requirements for outdoor LED luminaires. The requirements limit sky glow, light trespass and

mitigate light pollution.  LUNA products will appear as a subset of luminaires listed on the SSL Qualified Products List (QPL) and will be eligible for efficiency rebates and incentives designed for SSL V5.1 products. DLC Executive Director and CEO Christina Halfpenny said, “LUNA will streamlin

e the process of selecting efficient outdoor lighting products that minimize sky glow and light trespass while still yielding the efficiency benefits of LED lighting.”

LUNA will also help specifiers to fulfill the light pollution and trespass requirements of LEED and WELL building programs, and help projects follow application guidance in the joint IDA-IES Model Lighting Ordinance. According to the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), a third of all outdoor lighting in the US is wasted, costing facility owners some $3.3 billion annually and responsible for 21 million tons of carbon emissions annually.

The DLC notes, however, that the technical requirements apply only to white-light LED outdoor products, which does not include non-white (amber) luminaires, which are appropriate for settings such as environmentally sensitive areas. This is because standardized metrics are still in development for non-white light. The DLC anticipates that manufacturers will be able to apply to list products for LUNA qualification on the SSL QPL in the first quarter of 2022.