Lucifer Lighting’s ATOMOS is a series of compact downlights with 1” and 2” apertures available in round and square, in trimless and flanged profiles for plaster and wood ceilings, and suitable for use with residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors. The series is available in multiple static white color temperatures or in Dim Warm (3000K at full brightness down to 1800K when fully dimmed).

ATOMOS offers flexibility via a proprietary new zoom optic offering beam spreads in five increments between 24 – 48 degrees adjusted in the field by simply twisting the front face of the optic. This boosts confidence that the lighting will suit the application both during initial installation and also in the future.

Installation is also made eeasier and quicker with the introduction of novel retention wheels, which are designed with enough resistance to smoothly roll around the edges of ceilings up to 2” thick, securely holding the luminaire in place.

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