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Product Monday: High-Center Beam Direct-Indirect Cylinder by Gotham

Gotham’s Incito 4” Direct-Indirect Wall Mount Cylinder luminaire, the first direct-indirect luminaire in the Incito family, facilitates grazing to create contrast and bring depth to vertical surfaces.

The new luminaire is designed for illuminating interior or exterior columns and tall walls in spaces such as stadium concourses, transportation hubs, courtyards, lobbies, or restaurants. Uplight and downlight can be individually controlled for fully independent lumen outputs. Designers have flexibility to customize the lighting aesthetic with a variety of beam spreads and accessories. High-center beam distributions produce sharp contrast with crisp highlights and deep shadows. Twelve different optical distributions are available, ranging from a 10-degree beam angle to a 65-degree beam angle. Designers can specify each side of the cylinder to achieve a specific objective.

Four accessory options expand the illumination offering even further. Specifiers can select a snoot or louver for additional cut-off. A light shield provides extra glare control, and an angled snoot creates a more decorative look.

Cylinders are offered in more than 19 colors to offer an additional element of customization.

Wet location and IP66 rating options are available, ensuring the cylinders are suitable for outdoor applications within harsh climate conditions.

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