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Product Monday: Tunnel Lighting by Kenall

Kenall’s LuxTran LTSI-A1 and LTSI-A2 luminaires have newly improved efficacies, along with an option for a power line local programmable control module (LPCM) that saves both materials and man hours during installation by eliminating the need for dedicated control wiring.

The LTSI-A1, a compact 22″× 22″ stainless steel luminaire with five IES distribution options, can be mounted on either walls or ceilings to provide supplemental lighting in various tunnel zones. It has an IP-66 rating and powerful lumen packages ranging from 13,406 to 39,938 lumens, achieving up to 155 lumens/W.

The LTSI-A2 is slightly larger (22″× 33.5″), with the same features, more powerful lumen packages, and even greater efficacy–up to 165 lumens/W.

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