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Product Monday: Strut Lighting System by WAC Lighting

Designed with a modern aesthetic, the STRUT System of Architectural Solutions from WAC combines lighting, power, and control.

For lighting, STRUT incorporates direct and indirect illumination, wall wash, downlighting, accent lighting, and pendants utilizing connected control technologies designed to provide a personalized and modular experience. The modular system allows these elements to be configured for a customized 48V DC lighting system; a magnetic infrastructure allows elements to be moved and adjusted while powered on-site. The vacancy/photosensor is two devices in one, tuned in both for occupancy detection and light sensing.

At the core of the STRUT system is the Connected Power Unit (CPU), which accommodates voltage input ranges of 120-277V AC and is available in various wattages up to 600W to better handle greater loads. Proprietary technology within intelligently correct for minimum load or voltage drops to accommodate longer run lengths. The STRUT CPU enables 0-10V, TRIAC/ELV, and optional DMX dimming protocols for interfacing with control systems. Each lighting or control element on STRUT is uniquely addressed and commissions easily from an iOS or Android app to control and schedule elements in groups, and then integrates with building control systems, offering architects, designers, and custom integrators an experience that their clients desire.

Architectural Channels can be suspended, surface mounted, or recessed with or without trims, and can be field cut to fit on the jobsite. For high ceilings, choose Suspended Channels with low-profile aircraft cable or stem supports. Surface Mounted Channels are ideal for lower ceilings and can be operated with a remote or surface mounted CPU. Channel covers that match the black or white finish are available to hide gaps between the lighting elements. Recessed channels mount flush with ceilings and walls to take advantage of the many discreet lighting elements offered in the system. Recessed Trimless Channels install flush with the drywall for a perfect, seamless look with the utmost architectural fit and finish.

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