LD+A recently published an informative piece by Sarah Dreger, the global leader of Digital Practice for Stantec’s Buildings practice, about how lighting designers can efficiently stay up to date on current digital technology, from software and apps to VR and AR.

She writes:

While there is no “silver bullet,” I’ve found a few solutions over the years that are worth a look and, best of all, they’re scalable—accessible regardless of tech-savvy or firm size. I’m not in software sales nor am I particularly vendor loyal; I’m a practitioner with over a decade of experience that has and does face the same day-to-day challenges you do, so perhaps you can benefit from my experience and have an easier go of it.

One of our industry’s biggest inefficiencies, risks and potential opportunities is in our ability to actively manage and leverage data. There are four key categories within a design “tool kit” and each firm, regardless of size, should have some combination of these solutions to accommodate and anticipate client and market demand. What follows is an overview of the four categories as well as ideas for how to leverage each to elevate your lighting design practice.

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