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Product Monday: Lumination IS Series by GE

GE’s new Lumination IS Series LED Luminaires are designed to deliver high light output coupled with energy efficiency in a sleek, streamlined form factor for low bay, open ceiling environments.

The luminaire’s indirect light source produces an even glow that radiates from its aerodynamic “reflector” design, yielding greater illuminance over vertical and horizontal surfaces with minimal glare. Available in 1×4 and 1×8 models, the Lumination IS Series LED Luminaires’ rail-fastening system allows each unit to be suspended from current ceiling supports. Additionally, the luminaires are electrically connected in a modular daisy-chain fashion and mechanically connected with a simple snap-in feature between luminaires. These features combined allow for a sequential line of units to be quickly and easily snapped and powered together, greatly reducing additional installation time and labor costs. Compared with fluorescent technology, GE’s Lumination IS Series LED Luminaires eliminate dark spots between luminaires, maximizing light output and creating a sleek, continuous aesthetic.

Other features include up to 80 CRI, 65,000 life rating and dimmability.

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