LR_CEO_3150Acuity Brands, Inc. has developed a comprehensive portfolio of dimmable, controllable, low-voltage (24V) LED luminaires. Using EMerge Alliance standards, Acuity Brands low-voltage LED luminaires were designed and engineered to maximize the benefits of LED lighting and support net zero energy consumption. All Acuity Brands EMerge Alliance registered LED luminaires are available with nLight digital controls that continuously monitor system performance, allow for constant lumen management/compensation function, facilitate simple “plug-and-play” network and allow control upgrades through standard Cat5 cabling.

Currently, EMerge Alliance registered Acuity Brands low-voltage (24V)LED luminaires include:

Lithonia Lighting AC Series – 2’ x 2’
Lithonia Lighting AL Series – 2’ x 2’
Lithonia Lighting RT Series – 2’ x 2’
Lithonia Lighting Shadow Box Square – 2’ x 2’
Lithonia Lighting T Series – 2’ x 2’

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