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Product Monday: EverLast Induction Lighting and CLTC Introduce The BioLume Series

In collaboration with the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at UC Davis, EverLast Induction Lighting, a product of Full Spectrum Solutions, introduces The BioLume Series. The new patent-pending lighting series is a collection of hybrid bi-level fixtures that utilize a 5000K induction lamp and amber LEDs, coupled with occupancy sensor controls. When the area is vacant, amber-colored LEDs emit biologically-friendly light. When the sensor is triggered, the induction lamp turns on to provide bright white light for enhanced security.

Typically, for 50-75% of the hours of operation the BioLume will be operating within the amber part of the spectrum at a greatly reduced intensity, away from the critical action spectrum in terms of hormonal response for humans and other mammals, reptiles, and birds.

Developed by Prof. Michael Siminovitch, Director of CLTC; Keith Graeber, Director of Engineering at CLTC; and Michael Nevins, President/CEO of Full Spectrum Solutions, the BioLume Series was inspired by the growing concern within the industry that certain light levels at night may result in biological disturbances or imbalances to certain species due to the hormonal stimulation that occurs with shorter wavelengths corresponding to typical high color temperature light sources.

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