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Neon Sculpture by Craig Kraft

Light sculptor Craig Kraft of Kraft Studio & Neonworks began working with mixed media neon and direct body casts in 1983, which launched a career of expression using light as a medium—from freestanding light works reaching nearly 20 ft. high to monumental sculptures as large as 40-ft. x 10 ft. x 10 ft. wrapped and woven around building architecture. Kraft says he likes neon for its versatility, its strength, its vast possibilities of color, and willingness to be bent in almost any shape or form.


“It is the contradictory nature of light—tangible but intangible, substantial but insubstantial—that draws the viewer into the artwork,” says Kraft. “I want my sculpture to beg questions about perception and importance. My works need to have both a sense of newness and energy, and capture light three-dimensionally. They are about the future as much as the present. I am striving for an ultimate abstraction—one that allows for infinite interpretations.”

Visit Kraft’s studio here.

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