Isolite’s Dual Tech 2.0 exit signs combine LED lighting with photoluminescent materials to increase reliability by eliminating the need for battery backup power.

During normal power conditions, the sign is illuminated with LED. When the power goes out, a translucent exit stencil diffuser made of photoluminescent material provides illumination, designed for visibility up to 100 feet for a minimum of 90 minutes, the typical standard for electric signs. The photoluminescent material is charged by the LEDs while electric power is provided to the sign; the LEDs are spectrally engineered to emit specific light wavelengths required to optimally charge the material. This hybrid approach facilitates use of photoluminescent while eliminating the need for backup power to the sign.

The Dual Tech 2.0 carries OSHA, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, NFPA 70-NEC, and UL 924 approvals.

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