Big changes at my alma mater, ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING. Editor Elizabeth Donoff recently announced that the magazine will move to a digital-only format starting in 2018. And today is Donoff’s last day with the magazine as editor in chief.

I served as AL’s editor and publisher from 1995 to 2001, following in the footsteps of Wanda Jankowski and Charles Linn, who started the magazine. Along with them and Christina Trauthwein, Emilie Sommerhoff, and Elizabeth Donoff, I was proud to support the lighting industry in this important role. I wish my colleague Donoff, who did an admirable job as editor, well in her future travels.

Publications like ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING are more important than ever today as the lighting industry navigates an era of turbulent change. But the publishing industry is undergoing its own change. As Donoff explained:

The print-to-digital transformation is something that all media brands, no matter the subject matter or audience, have had to face over the past decade. I had hoped we would be able to maintain our full portfolio longer, but business conditions for both publishing and lighting point in a different direction.

Donoff also announced she was stepping down as editor in chief:

Additionally, Dec. 8 will be my last day as editor-in-chief, although I will help guide AL through its next chapter in an editor-at-large capacity.

I hope ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING thrives in its new digital-only format. While my go-to magazine these days is LD+A due to its fantastic columnists, the industry needs more journalism not less these days, and ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING is one of its leading voices.