The 38th annual High-Benefit Lighting Awards Program is now underway. Sponsored by the National Lighting Bureau, this unique program is open to lighting practitioners associated with a new or upgraded illumination system that provides substantial benefits.

The Bureau coined the term High-Benefit Lighting to connote “function-focused” electric-illumination systems that are designed to fulfill the specific purposes for which they will be used, especially to maximize bottom-line returns for those who own, manage, and/or rely on the lighting.

For consideration in the 2017 High-Benefit Lighting Awards Program, an entry must be received by the National Lighting Bureau no later than December 31, 2017. An entry should document how modification of an existing lighting system or installation of a new one achieved some of the many bottom-line benefits of High-Benefit Lighting, such as improved productivity, increased retail sales, or fewer accidents.

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