Hubbell Lighting’s spec-grade Cypher wall sconce LED is capable of true IES distributions including up, down, and side lighting options for 90-, 180-, 270- or 360-degree illumination. It utilizes a unique design that gives specifiers and lighting designers the ability to select the precise amount of light they desire. A variety of illumination patterns are available from downlight only to 50/50, 90/10, 70/10/10/10, or even 25/25/25/25 split distributions.

The Cypher also offers an optional static white or RGBW luminous front, presenting an infinite palette of color options as needed. The RGBW feature can be custom tuned through a DMX controller or via Bluetooth connection using the free Hubbell RGBW Remote App, making it easy for the end user to change color as the mood or situation dictates. This enabled RGBW function establishes the Cypher as a focal point and wayfinding luminaire at hotels, corporate and healthcare campuses, university buildings, and mixed-use developments.

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