IOTA’s ILB-CP10-HE-SD is a UL-Listed self-testing emergency LED driver for field and factory installations. IOTA’s ILB-CP10-HE-SD Emergency LED Driver combines patented Constant Power illumination with automatic self-testing technology for optimal Life-Safety egress performance. The ILB-CP10-HE-SD provides automatic monthly and annual testing of the system battery and load performance to help ensure proper operation. If system faults are detected, errors are communicated to facility managers and inspectors via a red flashing indicator, allowing for issues to be addressed before an emergency lighting scenario occurs.

During a power loss, the constant power design of the ILB-CP10-HE-SD delivers 10W of non-diminishing power to the fixture, resulting in no degradation of emergency illumination for the required 90-minute runtime. Additionally, the ILB-CP10-HE-SD features a high-efficiency micro-processor design for CEC energy compliance, 10-60vdc Class 2 driver output compatibility, and six available mounting configurations to meet individual fixture requirements.

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