Litecontrol’s Inde-Pendants 32L is a family of decorative ring and cylinder luminaire combinations, which provide the aesthetic appeal of discrete decorative pendants with all the benefits of LED technology.

Choose from three primary styles – cylinder/ring, cylinder or ring. With the additional options built off these three styles, eleven configurations are available.

Inde-Pendants 32L utilize Litecontrol’s Variable Intensity (“Vi”) Technology, which empowers specifiers to match output or power, in 50-lumen increments, to meet precise needs, be it indirect or direct output. Vi technology also provides verifiable wattage. The product features indirect and direct cylinder distributions, efficacy up to 118 lumens per watt and customizable lumen outputs ranging from 350 to 3,000 lumens.

A key design element of the Inde-Pendants 32L is the Power Over Aircraft Cable suspension system, a first for a Litecontrol product. “POAC” provides power for Class 2 luminaires without the need for a secondary power cord.

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