dawn-degrazioThe Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) recently appointed Dawn De Grazio as Technical Editor, effective October 3.

This newly created staff position will assist technical committees and IES Staff with editing IES standards, documents, and articles for accuracy and consistency. The position requires a high level of lighting technical knowledge and the ability to accurately describe, in both verbal and written communications, the intent of IES Standards to a broad audience. De Grazio reports to the Technical Director of Standards, Brian Liebel.

Prior to being appointed Technical Editor, De Grazio was elected by members of the IES as an At-Large Director on the IES Board of Directors. She previously was employed as the Director of Customer Education for Lighting Analysts in Littleton, Colorado. She has served as a member of the several IES technical committees, including Roadway Lighting Committee, Outdoor Environmental Lighting Committee, and Marks Award Committee, and was Secretary of the Visual Effects of Lamp Spectral Distribution Committee. She also contributed to several IES publications and received the IES Distinguished Service Award in 2012. De Grazio graduated from the Architectural Engineering program at the University of Colorado Boulder.

I’ve known Dawn for a number of years, and consider her one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated professionals in our industry. This is a great move for IES and for Dawn as well. Congratulations, Dawn!