The Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG), a lighting-industry consortium, has published its LEDset specifications, available here. LEDset provides the lighting market with a standardized, multi-vendor, electrical interface for LED systems, which simplifies the process of matching LED modules with suitable drivers.

Today, there are many different options on the market for communication and power transmission between an LED control gear (driver) and one or more LED modules. This leads to increased complexity, availability issues and risk of incompatibility for fixture OEMs.

MD-SIG was formed with the aim of introducing a standardized electrical interface between LED control gear and LED modules. This “missing link” is an essential feature of a mature components business for solid-state lighting. MD-SIG is an open, global consortium consisting of leading lighting and LED driver manufacturers: BAG electronics, BJB, Helvar, OSRAM, Panasonic/Vossloh-Schwabe, Philips Lighting, TCI and Zumtobel/Tridonic.

The LEDset interface created by MD-SIG meets the growing demand in the market for harmonization, and makes it much easier to match LED modules with configurable LED drivers.

The MD-SIG specifications are complementary to those developed by the Zhaga Consortium, another lighting-industry organization that is independent from MD-SIG. Zhaga defines various interfaces between LED components and LED luminaires, but it does not address the electrical interface between LED modules and drivers. Instead, several Zhaga Books already contain references to the new MD-SIG specifications.

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