streamPrudential Lighting’s Stream Series creates an uninterrupted, uniform line of light, now available in multiple configurations ideal for a variety of lens-free “veiled source ambient” architectural applications.

Stream Series Square: An uninterrupted line of light that extends as far as the blueprint dictates with veiled LED source and patented WhiteOptics 99% efficient reflector that provides even illumination.

Award-winning Indirect Ceiling Wash: Extreme low angle batwing shape creates uniform ceilings and minimizes glare on glossy devices.

Stream Series Oval:
Elegant, nature-inspired curves reminiscent of a leaf about to unfurl.

Stream Series Perimeter: Asymmetric distribution and a cove-like feel with high efficacies and no seams.

Stream Series Recessed 2˝ and 4˝: The first veiled source ambient luminaire now available with 2.5˝ aperture. Less is more with a new 2˝ version of the original “indirect” recessed linear Stream 4˝, recognized for distributing light more evenly than typical lens recessed fixtures, allowing for wider spacing, fewer fixtures and more energy savings.

Stream Recessed 4”: Its wide-distribution design means more spacing between fixtures, requiring fewer luminaries, significantly exceeding industry standards.
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