Hubbell’s 25,000-square-foot lighting solutions center, located in its Greenville, SC headquarters, has announced its education schedule for 2016. Click here to learn more and register.

Retrofit/Create Change Workshop – Jul. 19-20
This two- day class will help attendees understand when to convert from legacy technology to LEDs. A hands-on workshop will simulate a building audit and show the impact that controls, maintenance, and rebates can have on ROI (Return On Investment). Opportunities for future retrofits and forward compatibility will be explored. CEUs will be available for attendees.

LitePro DLX Workshop – May 12-13, Aug. 18-19, Nov. 10-11
This fast-paced workshop is intended for application engineers and specialists or sales representatives who prepare design calculations and specifiers who evaluate lighting designs. Participants will experience first-hand that with the LitePro DLX software you are able to design lighting which is not restricted by the boundaries between rooms and spaces. In this course you will learn how to deal with architecture as a whole – starting with a rectangular room, moving on to planning a complete floor and then a whole building and its surroundings. You can create your design from scratch or based on an imported file. Attendees will learn to create light scenes with dimming levels and changing colors and produce professional documentation with explicit calculations and photorealistic images. Participants will work on a laptop and will be led through the program by experienced trainers who work with the program themselves. The modular structure of the seminar allows you to work individually on a practical task according to your own present level of knowledge. *Participants should plan to bring their own laptop if possible. LitePro DLX software will be provided.

Fundamentals of Lighting – Jun. 8-10, Sep. 13-15, Dec. 7-9

Designed for professionals new to the lighting industry or seasoned professionals looking for a refresher, this three-day workshop focuses on the fundamental principles of lighting and introduces today’s latest advancements in lighting technology. Through hands-on training and real-world applications, we take an interactive approach to educating our participants in general lighting terminology, lamps and ballasts, solid-state lighting technology, light, vision, and color, optical control, and basic application principles.

Basics of Lighting Controls – Sep. 16
This one day course is focused on the basics of lighting controls. Through this program participants will gain an understanding of various control solutions including motion sensing, daylight harvesting, panelbased lighting control systems, and wireless lighting control systems. In addition, participants will also be exposed to the current legislation and building codes, such as ASHRAE, IECC, and California’s Title 24, that are changing the controls landscape. At the end of this course participants should be able to identify opportunities in various applications for a lighting control system, specify the control requirements based on the lighting fixture criteria, and recommend an appropriate solution based on the application requirements.

LEDs & Emerging Technologies – Nov. 1-2
This 2-day course will discuss the ever-increasing LED market and the speed at which LEDs are quickly being integrated into lighting applications. Participants will gain a basic understanding of how LED components are integrated into lighting fixtures and how well LEDs perform in particular lighting applications. Additional discussion includes newer technologies just emerging such as OLEDs, solar and wind technologies, and various other technologies that could impact the lighting industry in measurable ways. Participants will also take part in a mini-workshop, designing and building LED fixtures.

Lighting for Commercial Applications – Oct. 6-7

This two day class will look at the latest IES requirements for commercial applications in both indoor and outdoor enviroments . Potential topics will include office buildings, education facilities, retail and hospitality. This application based class will cover the latest lighting technologies as well as legacy sources and integration of controls. Course will feature site visits and evaluations. CEUs will be available for attendees.

Lighting Solutions & Applications Workshop – May 10-11, Oct. 27-28
This fast paced product solutions workshop is for the experienced lighting professional and those new to the industry. During this two-day, hands-on and application-based workshop participants will gain additional insight into Hubbell Lighting’s portfolio of commercial and industrial product solutions for interior and exterior applications.

Lighting for Healthcare Applications – Sep. 29-30

Lighting for Healthcare Applications is a two- day interactive class that addresses integrated lighting needs for the patient, guests, and employees in a healthcare setting. Attendees will learn about the psychology of light, and lighting for various applications. There will also be discussions on current lighting research, circadian rhythm, vision, color, and special applications.

Lighting for Industrial Applications – Nov. 15-16

According to Department of Energy studies, industrial spaces consume nearly one-third of all energy used in the U.S. Estimates show that lighting in these industrial spaces to be of significant age, many 20 years or older. As upgrades are considered, lighting offers the fastest internal rate of return with the lowest investment. This course will explore the best lighting solutions for new and existing spaces. Participants will explore existing and emerging lamp technologies to understand the best approach to take for industrial applications. Further discussion will include lighting audits, incentives, economics, current legislation, and future innovation. This course is ideal for facilities managers, facilities owners, industrial consultants, energy service providers, engineers and all other industry consultants.