The FineTune White Color Tuning System developed by Finelite enables white color tuning in 12 LED luminaire families, from pendant and wall-mounted to recessed and cove. For optimal operation, the award-winning system includes drivers and controls that allow granular settings for color temperature and lighting intensity levels.

FineTune enables CCT color tuning from 2700K to 6500K and dimming from 1% to 100%. DMX controls support an intuitive user interface with preset CCT and dimming levels, simple up/down arrows for more granular control, and a digital display of CCT, as well as a smart app—available in iOS and Android—that communicates via Bluetooth. (Other DMX, DALI, or PoE controls may be used.)

The FineTune System is preconfigured for occupancy or vacancy sensors, and one, two or no daylight sensor-controlled zones. All connections are made via the plug-and-play cables provided.

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