LG Display recently announced that it will supply OLED panels to ilroom, a specialized home furniture brand of the Fursys Group, a leading office furniture company in Korea.

The desk light uses OLED light panels as the light source and provides a prominent example of how OLED lighting can be integrated with furniture. The new OLED desk light is separately attached to the desk shelf.

The product is designed with two 213mm x 113mm OLED panels located horizontally. As a diffuse area light source, it covers a large area with minimum shadowing and operates without flicker.

ilroom’s “OLED desk light” offers convenient control with a touch button and has adjustable brightness with three settings. The OLED desk light is only 6mm thick even with its aluminum casing. The company was able to achieve this design by using a super slim 0.88mm OLED light panel.

LG Display’s OLED lighting business will build on this collaboration with ilroom to expand its furniture convergence applications.