The American Institute of Architects (AIA) conducted a survey of 500 architects to ask them about residential design trends that will impact homes in the future. The 10th Annual AIA Home Design Trends Survey specifically identified the top 10 trends that will impact homes over the next 10 years. Six are particularly interesting from a lighting perspective.

1. Architects expect technology integration to become increasingly common. This includes home automation that provides temperature, security and lighting control.

2. Energy efficiency and sustainable design will grow in importance.

3. Aging-in-place and universal design elements (e.g., wider hallways, added handrails) will increase as the senior population increases. Seniors have special lighting needs, requiring good lighting that satisfies their vision requirements.

4. The kitchen will continue to grow in importance as the focal point of the home, supported by open concepts. Good lighting is essential to ensure the variety of uses are properly illuminated.

5. Outdoor living spaces are expected to grow in importance, requiring effective and responsible nighttime lighting.

6. Changing work patterns will promote home offices, which require good lighting conducive to this environment and its tasks.

Other trends include increased consumer preference for environmentally healthy materials, disaster-resistant designs, infill development promoting smaller and better-designed homes, and strong preference of urban lifestyle characteristics.

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