VCCVCC, a provider of indication and specialty illumination solutions, offers advanced design services that include LED light modeling and human vision simulation that predicts light behavior and provides a complete analysis of all photometric and colorimetric characteristics of any product design.

By combining cross section, contrast, iso-curves, spectral and chromaticity coordinates for analysis, VCC can consider the optical properties of surfaces, materials and light sources using actual data on light intensity, uniformity, contract, propagation and distribution. Light behavior can be predicted and potential hot spots identified, resulting in a more cost-effective design that keeps program development on schedule and delivers the best optical performance for a customer’s application, according to the company.

Utilizing its light modeling and human vision simulation technology, VCC can modify existing product, integrate existing modular components as building blocks into customer existing product, or design and manufacture a complete custom solution that enhances the delivery of light. Custom product development programs include LED light pipes, special function panel indication, indicator assemblies and LED lenses.

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