The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has published a report, Assessment of Advanced Solid-State Lighting. The NAS committee reviewed the development and future impacts of SSL, including projections of cost and research and development (R&D) necessary to overcome barriers to widespread adoption. The report recommends:

* Continue investments in LED core technology, aimed at increasing yields, and in fundamental emitter research to increase efficacy, including improvements in the controlled growth and performance of the emitter material.
* Fund research to develop instrumentation for in situ monitoring and dynamic control of the metal organic chemical vapor deposition growth process.
* Support research to understand the fundamental nature of efficiency droop at high currents in OLEDs and to seek means to mitigate this effect through materials and device architectural designs.
* Focus on efforts that result in significant light outcoupling enhancements for OLEDs that are low-cost to implement and are independent of both wavelength and viewing angle.
* Seek to obtain 50% cost sharing for manufacturing R&D projects, as was done with the projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Click here to download the report.