Product Monday: Rollercoaster OLED Luminaire by OSRAM

OSRAM is introducing a new OLED luminaire, called the Rollercoaster for its interesting architectural form, that utilizes transparent OLED panels (30 of them, 18-cm x 6.5 cm, operating at 20 lumens/W, with a transmission or transparency of 57%). The company is planning to begin mass producing these panels in 2014.

The luminaire has the appearance of a glass and metal sculpture in the OFF state and is transformed into a luminous element of design when switched ON, reminiscent of a roller-coaster with its möbius form.

OLEDs are expected to be a primary choice for transparent, wide-area light sources in the future.

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  1. […] OSRAM introduced a new OLED fixture, called “Rollercoaster” for its interesting architectural design. It features the innovative transparent OLED panels, and OSRAM hopes to begin mass production of these products by 2014. Read more on the fixture here. […]

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