Cooper Lighting SOURCE

Cooper Lighting has released the 2011 SOURCE calendar of educational classes for the lighting and design community. The SOURCE education facility is located at Cooper Lighting’s headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia, and offers a wide variety of seminars designed to broaden the understanding of lighting and its applications. The SOURCE has been servicing the lighting industry for over 19 years and to date, more than 100,000 lighting and interior designers, architects, utilities personnel, facility managers, retail planners, electrical contractors, energy-saving companies, engineers, distributors, builders, landscape architects, university students and end-users have benefited from the SOURCE experience.

Members of many professional organizations are required to earn some form of continuing education units, or credits, to demonstrate currency of knowledge and skills and to maintain their professional standing. The SOURCE supports this nationally recognized measurement of accomplishment by providing seminars and workshops that are pre-certified educational opportunities to obtain such recognition.

This year, the SOURCE will be hosting seminars in several off-site locations including Houston, Texas, Van Nuys, California and Ontario, Canada.

Current available seminars/workshops for 2011, at a glance, are:

February 9 – 11: Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

March 10 & 11: LED Exterior Lighting Solutions
March 31 & April 1: Energy Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Lighting Design

April 14 & 15: Residential Lighting Solutions Workshop
April 27 – 29: Lighting Fundamentals for Distributors and Contractors

June 1 – 3: Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics
June 22 & 23: Healthcare Lighting Solutions Workshop (Ontario, Canada)

July 14 & 15: Energy Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Lighting Design (Van Nuys, California)
July 19 & 20: Healthcare Lighting Solutions Workshop (Van Nuys, California)

August 24 – 26: Lighting Fundamentals for Distributors and Contractors

September 14 – 16: Advanced Healthcare Lighting Solutions Workshop
September 28 – 30: LED and Energy-Efficient Retail and Hospitality Lighting Solutions Workshop

October 18 & 19: Energy Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Lighting Design (Houston, Texas)
October 24 – 26: Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics
October 27 & 28: Advanced IRiS Solutions

November 7 & 8: LED Exterior Lighting Solutions
Nov. 30, Dec. 1 & 2: Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

For course descriptions and registration information, click here or email here.