The Lighting Controls Association has announced that its Education Express online education system now supports lighting controls training and certification conducted by the California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP).


CALCTP is a new program operated by representatives of the California Lighting Technology Center, California Energy Commission, California Community College system, investor-owned and municipal utilities, electrical contractors, electrical workers, and manufacturers of advanced, high-efficiency lighting and control systems.

“The mission of CALCTP is to make expeditious and significant gains in conserving energy used for lighting in California through the widespread deployment and effective long-term operation of advanced, high-efficiency lighting and control systems,” says Doug Avery, project manager for Southern California Edison, a supporter of CALCTP.

CALCTP will educate, train and certify electrical contractors, electricians and other interested parties in the best practices and most effective techniques to market, sell, finance, install, tune, commission and maintain advanced lighting control systems.

In support of CALCTP, several LCA Education Express online courses are now required as prerequisites before receiving live training by CALCTP. These include EE101: Introduction to Lighting Control, EE102: Switching Control, EE103: Fluorescent Dimming and EE201: Daylight Harvesting. Students may take these courses at any time, at their own pace, from anywhere, and for free; only a short registration is required. I am pleased to be the author of these courses for the Lighting Controls Association.

After taking a course, the student may complete an online multiple-choice comprehension test. Upon receiving a passing grade (>70%), the student receives education credit. All certificates available for the Education Express courses, totaling 150 CALCTP points, must be collected and presented to CALCTP as proof of attendance.

Since its launch in June 2006, Education Express has served more than 6,200 students, who have benefited from more than 23,500 completions of course modules and some 9,000 comprehension tests taken online, enabling them to earn education credit.

Click here for more information about Lighting Controls Association’s Education Express, including a complete course listing.