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Product Monday: Barz + Brilliance By USG Ceilings Plus

Product Monday: Barz + Brilliance By USG Ceilings Plus


The ceiling systems industry has been gradually integrating LED lighting for some time. Now they are taking it to new heights (pun intended). Barz® + Brilliance™ is a single comprehensive linear solution from USG Ceilings Plus, with integrated lighting that is fully customizable.

It’s a high-end custom solution offering static and color-tunable lighting features, including circadian lighting technology options, for architects and lighting designers to create unique spaces.

Customization features include 33 different finishes for wood and metal components, as well as 53 standard diffuser perforation patterns. The specialty ceiling system fully integrates with LED lighting and acoustics to enable thoughtfully designed spaces for countless applications.

The system is available in custom CCT, Tunable White, and Circadian using BIOS Sky Blue™ technology, always using 90+ CRI. Brilliance integrated lighting solutions have options for occupancy sensors & daylight harvesting, to achieve sustainability goals. Photometry support includes IES files, Revit, AGI32 3D Objects, with lighting calculation & layout support available.

For more information, visit the Barz + Brilliance product webpage here



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